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How do consumers correctly understand colored FDY silk?

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Among the fabrics that are often popular on the market, consumers are increasingly fond of colored FDY silk fabrics. However, many consumers who are concerned about the clothing will always find a series of symbols similar to 150D/36F, 50D/18F on the silk specification. Consumers are always confused. So, what do these numbers and symbols mean? The following is a brief introduction to consumers about the specifications and representation of colored FDY yarns in the textile industry.
Generally speaking, in the textile industry, FDY is artificially stretched during the spinning process. In the process, low-speed spinning and high-speed stretching are generally adopted, and then the two processes are concentrated on the same machine to obtain A drawn yarn having moderate crystallinity and a high degree of orientation can be said to be a straight fully drawn yarn. The cost of this kind of silk in the production process is very low, but the quality of the produced filament is stable, there is no breakage phenomenon, and the dyeing color is also very smooth and uniform. There are several specific units in the industry standard - Dan, Root.
Among them, denier is a unit indicating the thickness of the fiber, and the root formula indicates the unit of the number of filaments. In the industry, the weight of a 9-kilometer long fiber and the number of holes of a spinneret at the time of spinning are generally used. If the weight of a fiber of 9 kilometers is 150 denier for 150 grams, and 36 holes for 36 holes on the spinneret during spinning, the colored fdy wire is 150D/36F. Similarly, the 50D/18F yarn indicates that the fiber weight of 9 kilometers is 50 grams, and the single fiber is 18 filaments. In general, the larger the denier, the thicker the fiber and the larger the number of roots, indicating that the finer the single fiber, the greater the precision.
Xiao Bian introduces so many introductions about colored FDY silk, I believe consumers will not be strangers when they buy complex clothes with complicated numbers and symbols.