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How to choose environmentally friendly colored polyester yarn?

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Purchasing environmentally-friendly colored polyester yarn is a problem that many manufacturers often encounter. Faced with a large number of manufacturers in the market, how to choose among manufacturers at all levels to find a manufacturer that is more suitable for providing raw materials is a headache for buyers. I don't know which one is more powerful, and I don't know which one is better. So I often feel confused during the purchase process. After a simple comparison, I randomly choose a manufacturer.
Purchasing environmentally friendly colored polyester yarn often needs to consider the following questions. Is this polyester yarn environmentally friendly? Is its cost performance higher? Is there any color difference between samples and batch products? If you want to figure out these problems, you need to investigate more. In the market, if the products offered can be found to be richer and more uniform in color, and the color fastness is better, the strength of the manufacturer is relatively large, which will save a lot of time and experience for the purchaser in the future, and the large customers will receive The service is better, and the price advantage brought by long-term cooperation is unquestionable.